today i stopped for a second and let myself imagine getting Dragon Age: Inquisition, opening the box for the first time, putting in the game, watching the Bioware/EA logos flash, pressing START and New Game, seeing the loading screen, hearing the music, watching the intro, getting to the create-a-character screen…

and you know what i did?

you know what i fucking did?

i screamed.

i literally screamed. in public.

that is how much influence this stupid ass game has over me.

Okay so I tried this right now, and my heart literally started racing. I did one of those held in screams and danced.

I’m pretty sure I’ll literally start crying when I pop the game in.

this has become a daily routine for me the past year

ffxv aaaaaaaaa

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"Do you like anything?" "I like quiet.

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what norwegian just added me on ps4 please speak up

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yurinforit replied to your post “yurinforit replied to your post:i was playing destiny and this player…”

Me too! Not a hint, but if ever you wanted to team up… :)

Sure!! It gets lonely sometimes lmao, I think the account is Mislum (belongs to my brother)

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You’re playing destiny? On what console, if I may ask? :)


i was playing destiny and this player found a football so we started kicking it to each other but then after a while he accidentally kicked it outside the map and now it’s gone and we ended up really sad just staring at where it fell

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